SORTING PLANT (PMD and paper-cardboard)

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The yellow line : paper-cardboard

In 2012, Recyclis has invested in new and almost entirely automated sorting lines.

The paper-cardboard is sorted on the yellow line. Here is how it works :
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The sorting of paper-cardboard in 4 steps

  • Step 1 : the cardboard starscreen

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    The cardboard starscreen recuperates the biggest pieces of cardboard
  • Step 2 : the bag-opener

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    The bag-opener tears apart the yellow bags to free their content.
  • Step 3 : the optical sorting

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    The optical sorting recuperates and sorts the paper of diverse quality (mixed paper, archival paper and newspapers/brochures) as well as the empty yellow bags.
  • Step 4 : the manual sorting/control

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    A manual sorting / control further refines the sorting of the paper and cardboard.