SORTING PLANT (PMD and paper-cardboard)

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Visit Recyclis

Recyclis plays an essential role in waste management. Taking a tour of Recyclis is answering the following questions :
- In which context does Recyclis intervene ?
- Why does Recyclis wholeheartedly support waste prevention, reuse and recycling ?
- Which processes and technologies does Recyclis utilise to sort PMC and paper-cardboard ?
- How does Recyclis protect the environment ?
So many questions and many more which will be answered during the exciting tour of our plant.

Attention please !

Recyclis is a continuously running industrial site. Access is authorised only under the following conditions :
- minimum age : 14 years old
- maximum number of visitors : 25
- the site is not equipped for disabled people and is not adapted for pregnant women (many stairs)
The tour is free and lasts about two hours. It is made of :
- a screen presentation
- a trail in the didactic room
- a debrief with Q&A
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Recyclis is an industrial site. Before registering, please pay attention to the following safety rules.

Please also download these safety rules and disseminate them to whoever will take a tour of Recyclis.

Thank you for your understanding.

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Wear closed flat-heeled shoes (with non-skid soles)
The tour includes grating where walking with high-heels is not possible.
Part of the ground may be slippery. Wearing shoes with non-skid soles is highly recommended.
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Wearing the fluorescent jacket
The tour includes zones where vehicles are driven. Wearing the fluorescent jacket is compulsory.
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In case of fire/incident
Always follow the instructions of the guide.
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Taking photographs is forbidden
It is forbidden to take pictures or to film the installations, the people, etc.
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Hold the handrail
You must hold the handrail when going up or down the stairs
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Smoking is forbidden
Smoking is strictly forbidden everywhere.
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It is forbidden to leave the group. Always follow the instructions of your guide.
You suffer from vertigo ? Please tell him/her.
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