SORTING PLANT (PMD and paper-cardboard)

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Sorting plant for PMD packaging and paper-cardboard

Recyclis is a high-technology sorting plant for PMD packaging and paper-cardboard. In 2012, the sorting lines have been entirely replaced to further improve the quality of sorting. They are almost entirely automated.

Annual treatment capacity :
  • 20.000 tons of PMD
  • 80.000 tons of paper-cardboard

From waste to material

We process PMD and paper-cardboard
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P : Plastic bottles and flasks
M : Metal packaging
: Drink cartons
  • well emptied, drained or scraped
  • maximum volume : 8 litres

écrasée et bouchon

Do not deposit packaging:
  • with a child-resistant cap
  • of insecticides, herbicides, anti-foams, rodenticides...
  • of motor oils, paints, laque and varnish
  • with at least one of the following pictograms:
Picto_corrosif Picto_tetemort tete mort new Produit dangereux
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  • clean
  • dry

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We then resell the following material to the industry :
  • paper with diverse quality (37,717 tons in 2017)
  • cardboard (14,590 tons in 2017)
  • colourless PET (2,335 tons in 2017)
  • blue PET (1,457 tons in 2017)
  • green PET (335 tons in 2017)
  • HDPE (1,485 tons in 2017)
  • drinks cartons (1,176 tons in 2017)
  • steel (1,883 tons in 2017)
  • aluminium (498 tons in 2017)
The quality of sorting
The quality of service
Competitive prices
An easy access
Flexible opening hours
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Visit our plant

An educational trail has been set up in collaboration with Bruxelles-Propreté, the Brussels-Capital Region and Fost Plus.

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